Keen to banish your stretch marks?

Keen to Banish your Stretch Marks?

Medical research has proven that Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is effective for treating stretch marks with best results gained from a series of 3 treatments, 4 weeks apart. Noticeable improvements in the redness, depth of the scarring, elasticity and tone of the stretch marks are usually gained by 3 months after the last treatment. In younger patients, and relatively new stretch marks, improvements may be seen earlier.

Alocuro PRP produces a very high quality and concentrated PRP that is injected into each stretch mark by experienced Dermatologists, Cosmetic doctors and RNs. Contact us for further details or to arrange a consultation to assess your suitability for this effective and safe procedure. See further information on the published research here:

Want a decolletage like Susan Sarandon's?

When Susan Sarandon arrived at Cannes Film Festival’s red carpet last week, all eyes were on her dramatic low-cut gown and her stunning, wrinkle-free cleavage. For the 70-year-old star’s daring décolletage was as flawless as her beautiful, youthful face.

Unfortunately, for many women, the décolletage (area of delicate skin from the chin down to the breasts) is one of the first areas of the body to show signs of ageing, especially for the sun worshippers. Side sleepers with larger breasts are also particularly prone to a wrinkly chest.

PRP is a proven skin rejuvenation therapy utilising the patient’s own biology and growth factors to improve collagen and blood supply to ageing skin. It can be injected in to the superficial skin layers by experienced Alocuro medical practitioners and RNs to improve the tone, texture, pigmentation, hydration and collagen of the skin which leads to reduction in wrinkle depth and appearance.


PRP versus Microdermabrasion for treatment of Stretch Marks

A study led by Dr Ibrahim and colleagues has assessed the safety and efficacy of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) vs. microdermabrasion for striae distensae (stretch marks) on 68 patients. Published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology the researchers found there was significant clinical improvement of striae distensae in patients treated with PRP injection and patients treated with combination of PRP and microdermabrasion when compared with patients treated with microdermabrasion. However, combination of PRP and microdermabrasion in the same session showed better results in short duration.

The study concluded that both treatments are well tolerated, safe and cost effective for treating striae distensae. Their results showed that PRP alone is more effective than microdermabrasion alone, but it is better to use a combination of both for increased and rapid efficacy. See the published research here:;jsessionid=D5F4C2D053861CC0575D58C62FECD401.f02t03?userIsAuthenticated=false&deniedAccessCustomisedMessage=

Use PRP therapy to restore eyebrow hairs

Over-plucking eyebrows is the most common cause of eyebrow hair loss. 
For patients who would like to restore their eyebrow hairs, PRP hair rejuvenation can help. Three simple treatments, 4 weeks apart can make a significant improvement to restoring eyebrow hair follicle health.

PRP for facial rejuvenation works

Unlike the Vampire facial, Alocuro PRP facial rejuvenation therapy uses very fine needles to inject the highly concentrated PRP into the skin layers. The injection is only 1.5mm below the skin surface. This means that the growth factors are precisely delivered to the location where they are most effective for skin rejuvenation. This technique leads to a great result with very little trauma to the facial skin and minimal risk of bruising

Plant stem cells - ?effective for human skin

An interesting article in the Miami Herald by Dr Leslie Baumann on skincare marketing that promotes the use of stemcells in their products "The stem cells found in skincare products are plant-based (not human based), so unless you’re a plant trying to synthesize chlorophyll, they aren’t going to do you or your skin much good.

A little background on why stem cells don’t work in topical skincare.

At this point in time, the stem cells found in skincare products are plant-based (not human based), so unless you’re a plant trying to synthesize chlorophyll, they aren’t going to do you or your skin much good. And even if they were derived from humans (which would be controversial), these stem cells would not be able to penetrate deep enough into to the skin’s dermis to take action. (Remember, the skin is designed to keep things out—especially large things like cells.)

And, if, per chance, stem cells were human-based and able to penetrate to the bottom of the dermis, it’s unlikely the cells would be effective by the time they made it from the lab and the packaging facility to your skin. They simply cannot survive in a cream that sits on a shelf for weeks or years."

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Celebrity vampire facelifts boost global demand for PRP skin rejuvenation

Alocuro PRP facial rejuvenation uses the same patient's own platelet rich plasma (PRP) that is uses in the vampire facelift, but instead of the PRP being poured on the facial skin and then pushed or rolled into the skin layers using a dermal roller, Alocuro PRP is injected through very fine needles into the skin layers where it is most effective. This technique is less traumatic on the skin, and has very little to nil downtime after the procedure. 

Research published in the Journal of cosmetic dermatology for PRP use in improving stretch marks

Alocuro PRP is a safe and effective treatment to improve skin health, increase collagen production and minimise the appearance of stretch marks. Research published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology has shown that the use of platelet rich plasma (PRP) and microdermabrasion is an effective treatment for striae distensae (stretch marks).

Dr Ibrahim and colleagues compared the techniques of intradermal injection of PRP alone, microdermabrasion alone, or a combination of intradermal PRP and microdermabrasion in the same session on 68 patients with striae distensae (stretch marks). Each patient received up to six treatment sessions at two-week intervals.

The researchers found that, compared with microdermabrasion alone, PRP injection or combination therapy with PRP injection and microdermabrasion offered significant clinical improvement of striae distensae. Better results, in a shorter period of time, were achieved with a combination of PRP and microdermabrasion in the same session.

The authors concluded that "Platelet-rich plasma alone is more effective than microdermabrasion alone in the treatment of striae distensae, but it is better to use the combination of both for more and rapid efficacy." See the published article here:


Alocuro PRP for effective improvement of stretch marks

Choose Alocuro’s TGA approved PRP system for effective, proven stretch mark treatment. Alocuro Aesthetic PRP is available to medical practitioners only – GPs with sub-specialty qualifications in skin medicine, dermatologists, cosmetic and plastic surgeons. The Alocuro system is the latest generation in PRP technology providing superior platelet concentration in a small volume of plasma. The entire treatment from blood collection, PRP extraction to reinjection is provided at the point-of-care. The patient’s biological material is not stored, frozen, or kept for later procedures.

PRP therapy can improve overall skin health and minimise the signs of ageing

With ageing, skin loses the elasticity it needs to hold its shape - wrinkles form, eyelids droop and cheeks hollow which may lead to a more tired, worried or older appearance. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy has been proven to improve overall skin health and minimise the signs of aging – wrinkles, hollows, deeper skin folds and pigmentation.

Dr Mikhael and colleagues’ published research demonstrated that PRP is an effective treatment in skin rejuvenation without serious side effects. See published research here:;year=2014;volume=34;issue=1;spage=5;epage=9;aulast=Mikhael

PRP has been proven to minimise appearance of facial lines and wrinkles

Research assessing effectiveness of Platelet Rich Plasma therapy for minimising appearance of facial lines and wrinkles. See images from Dr Mikhael's published research below.

Alocuro PRP is a TGA approved PRP medical device that delivers a high quality PRP for reinjection. Due to the very high number of platelets injected, an abundance of growth factoprs are released that stimulate healing and regeneration. Patient outcomes provided by Alocuro PRP clinics achieve results in line with published research.

Hair loss expert offers tips for women on combatting hair loss

"Women experience many distinct life stages that can directly impact hair health. From the joys of being a new mom to the midlife changes that happen during menopause, fluctuating hormones can be responsible for temporary postpartum hair loss and thinning hair that is common as women go through menopause. While hair loss during these two life stages are not unusual, women should be aware of certain factors that can contribute to hair loss and how proper nutrition can promote good hair growth."

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PRP is a proven treatment to reverse hair loss

Platelet Rich Plasma is a proven treatment for reversing hair loss and improving hair follicle health. The procedure involves re-injecting a portion of the patient's own blood into the scalp where hair loss is occurring. Unlike topical and oral medications, there are no known side effects and the procedure is considered very safe.

please see further information here;

Significant wrinkle correction occurs with platelet rich plasma injection

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) intradermal injection can reduce wrinkles, especially wrinkles of the nasolabial folds (NLFs), according to a study published online July 29 in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology.

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Is regenerative medicine the next frontier in facial and aesthetic plastic surgery?

Matthew Q. Miller, M.D., of the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, and coauthors explored that question in a new review article published online by JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery.

While regenerative medicine isn't rebuilding missing tissue like they do in "Star Trek" movies, it is about unlocking the regenerative potential of allografts and flaps, which are the foundation of surgical reconstruction, the authors write.

In the article, the authors review regenerative medicine techniques in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, including stem cells, growth factors and synthetic scaffolds; examine platelet-rich plasma; and suggest directions for future studies.

"Regenerative medicine is an exciting field with the potential to change standards of care in FPRS [facial plastic and reconstructive surgery]. This review discusses soft-tissue, cartilaginous and bony regeneration in facial plastic surgery using stem cells, growth factors, PRP [platelet-rich plasma] and/or synthetic scaffolds. Our subspecialty has to continue to clinically investigate these techniques to show whether the new frontiers of regenerative medicine improve outcomes and cost-effectiveness in FPRS while not adding to the risks of treatment," the article concludes.

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Dermatology Experts set the stem cell record straight

An article in Dermatology Times looks behind the hype in stem cell therapy: "The quest for healthy, younger-looking skin has created a cosmetics industry that is booming. People are seemingly willing to spend any amount of money to be wrinkle-free. While new stem cell face creams may promise to remove your wrinkles, thus far we just do not have the evidence to support the claims. One day, we might find a way to successfully use stem cells in a topical cream, but that day does not appear to have arrived just yet."

Roy G. Geronemus, M.D., chairman of the board of the New York Stem Cell Foundation, the largest stem cell research program in the country, says he strongly believes in the present and future of the clinical use of stem cells.

“I do, however, urge caution and restraint in reference to the commercial claims regarding the potential efficacy of stem cells in dermatology at this point in time. As for cosmetic dermatology, it has been well proven that adipose tissue is a rich source of stem cells, and this likely explains the sustained benefit seen with fat transfer for volume replacement. Blood or plasma are also sources of stem cells leading to potential benefit of [platelet-rich plasma] PRP in cosmetic dermatology for rejuvenation and healing, although well controlled studies are needed to establish efficacy. Data on the use of stem cells applied topically in commercial creams is minimal, and its benefit has not yet established.”

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New Hair Loss treatment inspired by sports medicine remedies

PRP has been proven by numerous research studies to be an effective non-surgical treatment for hair loss. Alocuro PRP uses a component of the patient's own blood that is re-injected through very fine needles into the superficial skin layers of the patient's scalp to rejuvenate hair follicle health leading to new hair growth and stronger and healthier hair for the existing hair. Contact us for an Alocuro PRP hair provider near you -


The Nirvana of Beauty Treatments - according to Trinny Woodall

Trinny Woodall on PRP facial rejuvenation

In an interview with The Times Magazine, the TV presenter, who is dating multi-millionaire entrepreneur Charles Saatchi, described the bizarre facial as ‘the nirvana of treatments.’

And in a video tutorial online, she said: ‘This is probably the best way to get anything to make your face look younger, better, healthier, less lines, fuller, all those things. And it’s your own plasma.’ Reda more here: