PRP Results

Who is suitable for PRP? It is always best to discuss the use of any medical therapy with the treating doctor or aesthetically trained registered nurse as they will be the best person to advise whether PRP facial rejuvenation may be of benefit to you.

 What results can you expect?  The results are gradual and vary between patients. Typically you could expect after 3 weeks that an overall improvement in skin hydration, texture and tone can be seen. Between 3 and 6 weeks, new collagen is made and new blood vessels are formed leading to an overall improvement in skin appearance. Reduction of fine lines and improvements to skin elasticity will continue for several months. Research has stated that the effects of cosmetic PRP can last 12 months to two years. Please note that results will be dependent upon a number of factors - state of the skin before the therapy and patient adherence to the pre-procedure and post-procedure protocols. The facial rejuvenation benefits are gained by production of new cells and collagen underneath your skin, which takes some time for your body to make. Please note that you can only expect to see noticeably visible results by week 6 although most patients report an improvement in the feeling of their skin elasticity by end of week 3.

Benefits from the PRP therapy are best when two treatments are performed at least 6 weeks apart, with a recommended yearly 'top-up' treatment to maintain the health of the skin. However as the injected material is your body's own biological material, if patients prefer a 3 monthly treatment regimen, then there is nil side effects from having regular treatments.  Please note:

  • Advanced wrinkling and severe scar tissue formation may not respond.
  • Patients need to be realistic about potential benefits from this therapy.
  • Limited benefits are likely in patients who have a high alcohol intake, smoke heavily or who do not have a healthy diet and lifestyle.

 Is Cosmetic PRP for You? Every patient has a unique clinical presentation and individual health needs and skin which should be addressed by a qualified medical practitioner. Patients who spend significant effort on maintaining a healthy lifestyle to minimise ageing effects usually are seeking a medically validated and scientifically proven facial rejuvenation therapy. Alocuro PRP is a CE, TGA and KFDA approved medical device to perform PRP therapy in accordance with the latest research.

PRP is ideal for patients who are seeking a refreshed and more youthful appearance without looking frozen or over-plumped, without aggressive lasers, surgery, chemicals or toxins. Alocuro PRP delivers a high quality aesthetic PRP therapy that women and men of all ages can benefit from. 

Is PRP is guaranteed to repair my injured or degenerative tissue? There is no current medical technique, product or device that can 100% guarantee it can 'cure' injured or degenerative tissue, nor is there any guarantee of Alocuro's PRP therapy providing the desired healing or rejuvenation outcome in every patient. However, there are over 5,000 published research articles on the use of PRP to improve healing in humans. Alocuro's PRO-PRP device and our specific protocol has been developed in conjunction with leading surgeons, physicians and biomedical scientists and engineers, to ensure that the PRP therapy can provide optimal patient benefit.